The paintings and sculptures that were realized for this exhibition were inspired by the reasearch in physics performed by many participants of the international workshop, DICE (Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy)2006 Quantum Mechanics between Decoherence and Determinism: aspects from particle physics to cosmology. The objective of this workshop was aimed at interdisciplinary discussions related to fundamental interactions, cosmology, general relativity, and quantum theory: The pillars of modern physics, quantum theory and general relativity, coexist very successfully, having in their respective domains impressive observational support. However, the black hole entropy puzzle and conceptual problems in applying quantum theory to the universe are stumbling blocks on the way to a deeper understanding. Closely related is the issue of classical behavior in complex quantum systems, i.e. decoherence. It has recently been studied in macroscopic and mesoscopic systems, the motivation being largely the quest for quantum computing. However, the relevant decohering degrees of freedom in microscopic and general relativistic systems are still much less understood. Attempts to quantize gravity have stimulated studies of classical and quantum dynamics and of the statistical properties of "timeless" reparametrization-invariant systems. A central problem in such systems with many degrees of freedom is to determine the observables that are consistent with the constraints. Although not always emphasized, the study of these topics includes an analysis of the kind of information that exists in such systems with typically long-range interactions and of the basic conditions under which it can be extracted. Corresponding nonextensive entropies and measures of complexity have been elaborated and may play a role in this arena.

Title "Instantone"
the artist with professor 't Hooft, nobel prize 1999. The pictorial representation is more an idealistic one, in order to help in the visualization of this difficult physics concept.
The Cube-DICE
is the symbol of the conference. Each side of this glass cube represents a topic discussed in the workshop.
Title "World Crystal" dedicated to the research of professor H. Kleinert.