Art and Science- The search for infinity

The theme is scientific, specifically physic, astrophysic, cosmology. Inspired by reasearches of internationally known physists. Their names in alphabetical order are :
Julian Barbour (Oxford- England)
Adraino di Giacomo(University of Pisa- Italy)
Hans Thomas Elze ( University of Rio de Janeiro- Brazil)
John Harris ( University of Yale- USA)
Klaus Werner ( University of Nantes- France)
Horst Stoecker ( University of Frankfort- Germany)
Mathematics, with it's "strange" symbols of equations, is powerful languange used to explain the mytery of our universe. My fascination for science brought me to express through visual arts, what commonly has been labeled scientific concepts. Art like science is an ever open, never ending exploration of the unknown.

Acrilic paint and glass (60x80)

Acrilic paint and glass (40x70)

Tempo Universale
Acrilic paint and glass (70x80)

Mondo Cristallizzato
Acrilic paint and glass (100x100)

Acrilic paint and glass (100x100)

Dark Matter
Acrilic paint and glass (100x100)